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Welcome to Prefessional Services - Highly Specialized and accountable!

JDE provides IT services and support to individual customers and small to large businesses as trusted advisors.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Does your company still have old (legacy) business critical computers in-use who no one will support anymore?
    If you still run a DOS application running Windows NT/XP or an Embedded System; Give Us a Call - We can Help.
  • Tired of being told by computer support companies to upgrade equipment just because they do not want to support old equipment or it’s no longer supported by Microsoft.
    Again Call Us. We handle old systems and have the knowledge to continue to fix, repair, or replace internal parts to keep you legacy equipment running like new.
  • Are you a small business owner with no computer savy employees that you can trust?
    Call Us, we can be your in-house IT or on-call support for break fix issues.

We are Proud to be a Veteran Owned Business!

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"I would rather employ a person for their skills, then employ a person who got a degree for sleeping in class."
- Jason Daily